• Copyright & Trademark Searches
  • Copyright registration, including software and related products
  • Trademark and copyright licensing
  • Trademark and copyright policing and maintenance
  • Maintenance of IP portfolios
  • Comprehensive international watch list
  • Guidance on protection strategies


Clients seeking to protect their name, acronym, logo, literary works, software or any other form of creative expression against unauthorized exploitation value Webster, Chamberlain & Bean’s guidance in the field of trademark and copyright.

Webster, Chamberlain & Bean’s trademark practice prosecutes and maintains in excess of 1,100 pending applications and registered trademarks on behalf of our nonprofit and corporate clients. Our staff includes attorneys and a former USPTO Trademark Examining Attorney with extensive trademark experience to provide our clients with a broad range of trademark services.


We counsel our clients on strategies to develop and enhance trademark rights, including the establishment of trademark rights, the proper selection and use of marks, the filing of trademark applications and maintenance of registrations in the United States and abroad. WC&B attorneys also have extensive experience in trademark transactions including the negotiation and drafting of license agreements and assignments of trademark rights.


WC&B actively assists its clients with the enforcement of their trademark rights through our trademark watch services, drafting of cease and desist letters and counseling our clients through the opposition, cancellation and litigation processes. In addition, WC&B helps its clients maintain and enforce their trademark rights on the Internet through the registration and management of domain name portfolios and representation of clients in ICANN domain name arbitration proceedings against cybersquatters. We can also assist our clients in achieving amicable solutions to trademark disputes through the negotiation and drafting of co-existence and settlement agreements.


We regularly counsel clients on the availability and scope of copyright protection in the United States and in other countries and help our clients secure copyright protection for compilations of data, computer programs, textual works, audiovisual works and sound recordings.


Furthermore, WC&B assists its clients with the negotiation and drafting of licenses and releases for the use of third-party copyrighted materials such as photographs, textual works and computer programs. We enhance our clients’ ability to enforce their copyrights through the registration of their works in the United States Copyright Office, and we assist clients in transactional matters including copyright assignments and agreements securing copyright in works commissioned from independent contractors.

Our trademark and copyright clients include a wide range of non-profits, political groups, charities, foundations, social welfare organizations, trade associations, for-profit corporations, connected and non-connected political committees, and candidate committees.