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Most charities required to register here

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Professional Fundraisers required to register here
*Exceptions apply

Professional Solicitors required to register, call for specific rules

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Webster, Chamberlain & Bean has 25 years of experience helping charities, fundraising professionals, and commercial co-ventures comply with state charitable solicitation registration laws.

Nearly all states and the District of Columbia regulate the solicitation of their citizens for contributions, or for sale of goods or services. The entities that must register and file annual or other reports are:

  • Charities and advocacy organizations exempt from federal income tax under §501(c)(3) or §501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • Fundraising counsel (or fundraising consultants) who provide professional advice, manage fundraising campaigns, or prepare materials for fundraising campaigns;
  • Professional solicitors, e.g., telephone solicitors, or individuals who may solicit high-dollar donors on behalf of a charity or advocacy group; and
  • Commercial co-ventures, who advertise that a purchase of their goods or services will result in a contribution to a charity.


Many states require §501(c)(3) or §501(c)(4) organizations to file IRS Form 990 and/or audited financial statements when registering or filing and annual report.


Failure to timely register, file and annually report, or have a written contract that complies with states’ mandatory content requirements can lead to penalties and suspension of a charity’s ability to solicit in many states.


Exemptions from registration are often available for churches and other religious organizations and accredited educational institutions.  When these are available, we take advantage of them to reduce our client’s compliance burdens.


Our dedicated staff timely collects your information, prepares the registration and/or reporting forms, sends them to you for signatures, and files the signed forms with the states.  Our attorneys are available to review proposed contracts and draft Forms 990, to ensure compliance with content requirements and IRS reporting requirements.


If your organization is soliciting in one state or nationwise; if you are providing professional fundraising services to charities or advocacy groups; or if you are a commercial co-venturer, we can help you and your clients or vendors stay in compliance with the laws governing charitable solicitations, enabling you to focus on your mission.